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Karen Aveny Beverly Klausen


Communications advisor

I2006A ( Universitetsveien 25, Kristiansand )
Office hours:
Jeg er basert i Kristiansand, I 2 006, men er også i Grimstad av og til.

I work with internal and external communications and marketing of the Faculty for Health and Sports sciences. Alumni contact for our faculty.

Courses and teaching

Arendal International School: Design Theory, Product Design and Project Management

Aftenskolen: Social media skills to adults, "Lær Kidsa Koding" Scratch coding class for age 9-14, and Computer basics for adults.

Work experience

Communications Manager, Kristiansand kommune July 2020-March 2022

Tasks include publishing on SharePoint for the intranet, on Episerver for external websites, publishing on social media, and various assignments for the areas of the municipality. I created a digital system for covid-19 vaccine waiting list, and for visitor registration in relation to Covid-19 infection tracking, where I created everything from registration, QR codes, posters, communication with those who have used the system, data security, and privacy handling. I am the system manager for Microsoft 365 and for Microsoft Forms.

Technology Coordinator at the Arendal International School January 2015 - March 2021

Responsibilities: School social media (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn and Twitter) and website. Software and hardware maintenance. Teaching and training of staff and students. Contact with suppliers. Security Officer, which includes information security, risk assessment, IT strategy and GDPR questions.

Support for approximately 250 students and 50 employees with email, data storage, networks, computers, iPad tablets, Apple TV and other devices. Control of iPad and PC using Apple DEP and MDM. Administrative tasks. Training. 

Projects: Transition from Microsoft to Google G-Suite for Education. Planning and implementing OpenApply CRM system and its integration with ManageBac. Purchasing and installing a 3D printer. Introduction of Emergency and Security Systems, including SMS system for parents and employees. Working with continuous documentation of the school's quality management system, which provides the basis for GDPR adaptation. 

Fundraising: Identifying, defining and applying for funds for projects having to do with education and the physical aspects of the school. Overseeing the projects during implementation and building.

Teaching Design Theory, Product Design and Project Management to grades 7-10. Units in 3D design for production on 3D printer using software Tinkercad and Cura. Unit for coding using Scratch animation. Unit for logo design using digital tools. Unit for sustainable house design and for room re-design using 3D drawing software Google Sketchup.

Academic interests

I am the vice-president of Agder's Communication Association, a professional forum and network for those who work with communication in the region.


Member of Be Digital, a two-year Baltic-Nordic project focused on strengthening the social media skills necessary for older employees to succeed both at work and in everyday life.
Launched in July 2019, the initiative is supported by the Nordplus Adult Programme. It is being implemented by a consortium of four partner organizations from Lithuania, Iceland, Latvia, and Norway.

Selected publications

“An Extreme Year” - Strategic and Operational Experiences from the Communications Team i Kristiansand Municipality’s Work With the Corona Pandemic in 2020-2021

Masteroppgave Public Communications at UiA · 15. jun. 2021



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