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Juan Diego Cardenas Cartagena


A2122 ( Jon Lilletuns vei 9, Grimstad )

Center Intelligent Signal Processing and Wireless Networks (WISENET)

I am a graduate student at the WISENET Center - University of Agder pursuing a Doctoral degree in Engineering and Science with a specialization in Information and Communication Technology. I have a background in applied mathematics, control theory and mechatronics systems.

My current research is related to adaptive control and reinforcement learning applications in smart water networks and aquaponics systems.


  • M.Sc. in Mathematics and Statistics, Queen's University, Canada, 2019.
  • Bachelor in Mechatronics Engineering, EIA University, Colombia, 2016.


  • Data-driven cyber-physical networked systems for autonomous cognitive control and adaptive learning in industrial & urban water environments (INDURB). The University of Agder. Grimstad, Norway, 2019 - 2022. Role: Ph.D. research fellow.
  • Cocreation laboratory in health. General Hospital of Medellin, EIA University, and CES University. Medellin, Colombia, 2016 - 2017. Role: research assistant.
  • Monte Carlo integration methods for nonnegative Bayesian inversion methods in Mie theory. Internship at RWTH. Aachen, Germany, 2015. Role: internship student.

Selected publications

  • Cardenas-Cartagena, J., Elnourani, M., & Beferull-Lozano, B. (2022, March). Forecasting Aquaponic Systems Behaviour With Recurrent Neural Networks Models. In Proceedings of the Northern Lights Deep Learning Workshop (Vol. 3).
  • Aguirre-Zapata, E., Cardenas-Cartagena, J., & Garcia-Tirado, J. (2017). Glycemic Monitoring in Critical Care using Nonlinear State Estimators. IFAC-PapersOnLine, 50(1), 4430–4435. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ifacol.2017.08.369
  • Torres, S., Cardenas-Cartagena, J., Arenas, A., Quintero, A., & Torres, R. (2017). Cocreation laboratory in health: Materialization tool for innovation process in Colombian public hospitals. 2017 Congreso Internacional de Innovacion y Tendencias En Ingenieria (CONIITI), 1–6. https://doi.org/10.1109/CONIITI.2017.8273330

Scientific publications

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