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Jon Terje Hegghaug

PhD Research Fellow

School development, evaluation and digital assessment

E2001B ( Universitetsveien 25, Kristiansand )

Courses and teaching

PED 529 Pedagogy and Leadership

PED 429/427 The researching, innovative and ethically conscious teacher (step 5-10)

PED 327 Practical - pedagogical education for vocational training

PED 237 Characteristics of Norwegian and Comparative Education

PED 150 Knowledge and competency in a globalized world

PED 128 Learning and training

Academic interests

  • School leadership
  • Policy
  • School development
  • Context and culture
  • Bildung, didactics and education
  • Pupils' lifeworld
  • Assessment and feedback 


Ph.d. project: Principal work as a leader with planned and emerging change

Scientific publications

  • Hegghaug, Jon Terje (2021). Using predefined assessment criteria and feedback for understanding process and progress towards competencies. Assessment theory, policy, and practice in higher education - Integrating feedback into student learning. ISBN: 978-3-8309-4478-2. Waxmann Verlag. 4. s 59 - 74.
  • Hegghaug, Jon Terje (2022). Balancing deliberations towards change in context of curriculum renewal and worldwide pandemic: An analysis on school-principals’ deliberations and etichal actions.
  • Hegghaug, Jon Terje (2021). Principals’ vision, change, and strategies - intended or emerging?.
  • Hegghaug, Jon Terje (2021). What emerges in principals’ working praxis?.

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