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Jean Nitzke

Associate Professor

Associate Professor in translation with a focus on translation technology

office: E01 056

Research interests

translation studies, cognitive translation studies, translation technologies, translation for special purposes

Work experience

04/2020-03/2021 and 04/2012-03/2019

Research Fellow, English Linguistics and Translation Studies, Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz, Germany


Guest Professor (substitution), Institute for Translation Studies and Specialised Communication, University of Hildesheim, Germany


Inhouse Translator, Leipzig, Germany

Selected publications



Nitzke, J. (2019). „Problem solving activities in post-editing and translation from scratch: A multi-method study.“ Berlin: Language Science Press. (Dissertation)


Publications in journals and collected volume

Nitzke, J. & Gros, A. (2020). Overediting in revision and post-editing. In: Koponen, M., Mossop, B. & Robert, I. (Eds). “Revision & Post-editing”. Routledge.

Hansen-Schirra, S., Nitzke, J., Gutermuth, S., Maaß, C. & Rink, I. (2020). Technologies for Translation of Specialized Texts into Easy Language. In: Maaß, C. & Hansen-Schirra, S. (Eds.) “Easy Language Research: Text and User Perspectives”. Berlin: Frank & Timme.

Hansen-Schirra, S., Nitzke, J. (2020). Translation, the process-product interface and cognition.” In: Jakobsen, A. L., Alves, F. “The Routledge Handbook of Translation and Cognition.”

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Nitzke, J. (2019). Finding problem solving activities in post-editing and translation from scratch. In: Vandevoorde, L. et al. „New Empirical Perspectives on Translation and Interpreting."

Nitzke, J., Hansen-Schirra, S., Tardel, A. (2019). “Training the modern translator – the acquisition of digital competencies through blended learning.” The Interpreter and Translator Trainer. 292-306.

Nitzke, J., Hansen-Schirra, S., Canfora, C. (2019). “Risk management and post-editing competence.” Journal of Specialised Translation (31), 239–259.

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Nitzke, J. (2019). Das Phänomen der Über- und Unterkorrektur von maschineller Übersetzung in Fachtexten In: Ahrens, B. et al. (Eds.) “Translations-wissenschaftliches Kolloquium. Beiträge zur Übersetzungs- und Dolmetschwissenschaft.” 67-91.

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Čulo, O, Hansen-Schirra, S. & J. Nitzke. 2017. Contrasting terminological variation in post-editing and human translation of texts from the technical and medical domain. In: De Sutter, G., M.-A. Lefer & I. Delaere (Eds.). “Empirical Translation Studies - New Methodological and Theoretical Traditions.” Berlin: de Gruyter. 183-206.

Bangalore, S., Behrens, B., Carl, M., Ghankot, M., Heilmann, A., Nitzke, J., Schaeffer, M. & A. Sturm. (2016). Syntactic Variance and Priming Effects in Translation. In: Carl, M., Bangalore, S. & M. Schaeffer (Eds.). “New Directions in Empirical Translation Process Research: Exploring the CRITT TPR-DB.” Springer International Publishing. 211-238.

Nitzke, J. (2016). Monolingual post-editing: An exploratory study on research behaviour and target text quality. In: Hansen-Schirra, S. & S. Grucza “Eyetracking and Applied Linguistics.” Berlin: Language Science Press. 83-109.

Čulo, O. & J. Nitzke. (2016). “Patterns of Terminological Variation in Post-editing and of Cognate Use in Machine Translation in Contrast to Human Translation.” Baltic Journal of Modern Computing. 4(2). 106-114.

Nitzke, J. & K. Oster. (2016). Comparing Translation and Post-editing: An Annotation Schema for Activity Units. In: Carl, Michael; Bangalore, Srinivas and Schaeffer, Moritz (Eds.). “New Directions in Empirical Translation Process Research.” 293-308.

Čulo, O., Gutermuth, S., Hansen-Schirra, S & J. Nitzke. (2015). The influence of post-editing on translation strategies. In: Balling, L. W., Carl, M., O’Brien, S., Simard, M. & L. Specia (Eds.) “Post-Editing: Processes, Technology and Applications.” Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Publishing. 200-218.

Bangalore, S., Behrens, B., Carl, M., Ghankot, M., Heilmann, A., Nitzke, J., Schaeffer, M. & A. Sturm, A. (2015). The role of syntactic variation in translation and post-editing. In: Alves, F., Hurtado Albir, A. & I. Lacruz (Eds.). “Cognition & Behavior. Translation as a cognitive activity.” Translation Spaces 4(1). 119-141.

Scientific publications

  • Nitzke, Jean; Canfora, Carmen; Hansen-Schirra, Silvia; Kapnas, Dimitrios (2024). Decisions in projects using machine translation and post-editing – an interview study. Journal of Specialised Translation. ISSN: 1740-357X. 41 (41). s 127 - 148. doi:10.26034/cm.jostrans.2024.4715.
  • Nitzke, Jean (2022). Auf dem Weg zum Babelfisch? Zum Stand der maschinellen Übersetzung. Perspektiven der Schulfremdsprachen im Zeitalter von «Global English» und Digitalisierung. ISBN: 3631846304. Peter Lang Publishing Group. Chapter 3. s 71 - 86.
  • Nitzke, Jean; Hansen-Schirra, Silvia; Habig, Ann-Kathrin; Gutermuth, Silke (2022). Translating subtitles into Easy Language: First considerations and empirical investigations. Translation, Mediation and Accessibility for Linguistic Minorities. ISBN: 9783732990641. Frank & Timme. Chapter 7. s 127 - 143.
  • Hansen-Schirra, Silvia; Nitzke, Jean; Gutermuth, Silke (2021). An Intralingual Parallel Corpus of Translations into German Easy Language (Geasy Corpus): What Sentence Alignments Can Tell Us About Translation Strategies in Intralingual Translation. New Perspectives on Corpus Translation Studies. ISBN: 978-981-16-4917-2. Springer. 11. s 281 - 298.
  • Nitzke, Jean (2021). The processing of website contents in native and non-native language. Translation, interpreting, cognition - The way out of the box. ISBN: 978-3-98554-000-6. Language Science Press. 6. s 105 - 113.
  • Nitzke, Jean; Hansen-Schirra, Silvia (2021). A short guide to post-editing. ISBN: 978-3-98554-029-7. Language Science Press. s 94.
  • Nitzke, Jean (2024). Using AI in teaching translation for migrant and minority languages.
  • Nitzke, Jean (2023). Post-Editing Webinar (2 dager).
  • Nitzke, Jean; Halverson, Sandra Louise (2023). Simulating realistic translation workflows in translator education: The challenges of hybrid teaching and multilingual courses.
  • Nitzke, Jean; Kunte, Nikola; Koponen, Maarit; Krause, Alexandra; Vlačiha, Matej; Varga, Tibor; Bálint, András; Nagi, Levente; Grózli-Nagy, Attila; Benedek, Enikő (2023). Panel discussion: 21st century competencies in translation: training and practices in the industry.
  • Nitzke, Jean (2023). Risks and decisions in the post-editing process.
  • Nitzke, Jean (2022). Maschinelle Übersetzung – Fluch, Segen und Alltag für die Translation.
  • Nitzke, Jean; Canfora, Carmen; Hansen-Schirra, Silvia (2022). Decisions in post-editing projects: Using semi-structured interviews with stakeholders from the language industry to update a decision tree model for post-editing tasks.
  • Nitzke, Jean; Canfora, Carmen; Dobozy, Hannah; Kapnas, Dimitrios; Hansen-Schirra, Silvia (2022). Revisiting the decision tree model for post-editing tasks: What can the language industry teach us?.

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