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Jan Pettersen Nytun

Associate Professor

Associate Professor

N03012 ( Jon Lilletuns vei 9, Grimstad )

   Jan Pettersen Nytun is born in Kristiansand 1957, he is currently employed as associate professor at the University of Agder in Norway at Department of ICT. His position started August 1992.

    His work for the industry (SINTEF Oslo / EB / ABB/ …) includes development of CAD/CAM-systems like graphical tools for different engineering disciplines (e.g. electro, piping, cabling) and simulations. He also designed and implemented a menu/message/command-processing system (Motif look-alike; built on the graphical primitives of the Apollo workstation) which included shell programming capabilities (Unix shell look-alike) and its own simple programming language. This system was applied as a tool for the integration of several CAD/CAM-tools, it was also set up as a version control system with graphical user interface and Make facilities.

He was employed as lecturer at Gjøvik Ingeniørhøgskole 1986-1992.

He studied mathematics and computer science first at AUC (or more correctly ADH), than at UiO where he received his M.Sc. in computer science in 1990. The master included design and implementation of a Lisp interpreter/compiler; the interpreter/compiler had pattern-matching capabilities.

He received his PhD in Computer Science at the University of Oslo in 2010; with PhD Title Consistency Modeling in a Multi-Model Architecture.

Academic interests

He has been engaged in teaching metamodeling (e.g. MOF), object-oriented system development (e.g. UML, OCL, Java, LISP, Pascal), distributed systems theory, component-based development and, database systems, operating systems.
He has also been teaching different programming languages like Fortran, C, Pascal, C++, Lisp, ...

He has given several courses to the industry (e.g. UML courses for Ericsson employees) and he has also worked as an independent consultant (e.g. Odin project, Telenor FoU Grimstad).

His research interest includes metamodeling architecture. Lately focus has been more and more on knowledge-representation (Semantic Web and ontologies), expert system and reasoning; with application area eHealth. He also been teaching clinical decision support systems.

For the moment he gives course IKT437 Knowledge Engineering and Representation where the main focus is on knowledge representation together with some focus on architecture, querying and reasoning. Example architecture of a knowledge based system is presented, and its different parts are discussed. Description logic is important in providing a logical formalism for ontologies and more specifically Semantic Web which is extensively used in the course. Ontologies are presented, and the students are also to make ontologies themselves with help of SW.

He gives some lectures in courses IKT441 and IKT446 on eHealth topics like clinical decision support systems, medical ontologies, medical standards, and a bit on probabilities in regard to tests and diagnosis.

He typically supervises projects in the seminar courses (IKT441/IKT442/IKT446) and master thesis projects.


He is part of the Intelligent systems and the eHealth research groups.

There is an on-going project at UiA that concerns correct and professional use of nursing terminology in nursing documentation. The nursing terminology in question is described in The International Classification for Nursing Practice (ICPN®), which is an ontology expressed in Web Ontology Language (OWL). The aim of the project is to develop an application for learning nursing terminology; the app offers descriptions of patient situations and then prompts the student to supply nursing statements for diagnoses, goals and interventions. The nursing statements may be selected from catalogues containing premade solutions based on ICNP, or they may be constructed directly by selecting terms from ICNP. 

He is involved in project applications concerning development of expert systems in the field of eHealth.

Scientific publications

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