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Ilan Alon


38 14 14 83
9I241 ( Gimlemoen 19, Kristiansand )
Department of Management


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Dr. Ilan Alon is Professor of Strategy and International Marketing at the University of Agder, Norway, and visiting scholar at Georgetown University, USA.  Prior to this, Dr. Alon was also a visiting scholar at Harvard University.

Alon’s teaching and consulting work spans the globe covering America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. He has taught in top business programs globally, including Shanghai JiaoTong University (China), EM Lyon (France), Ben Gurion University (Israel), Bilkent University (Turkey), and MIB (Italy), among others.

Alon research includes global franchising, political risk assessment and the globalization of Chinese enterprises. He authored numerous peer reviewed articles including ones appearing inJournal of International Marketing, Harvard Business Review and Corporate Governance: An International Reviewand books such asGlobal Marketing(McGraw-Hill, 2012),Global Franchising Operations Management: Cases in International and Emerging Markets Operations(FT Press, 2012),Franchising Globally: Innovation, Learning and Imitation(Palgrave, 2010),Service Franchising: A Global Perspective(Springer, 2005),Chinese International Investments(Palgrave, 2013),Chinese Entrepreneurs(Edward Elgar, 2009),China Rules(Palgrave, 2009),Globalization of Chinese Enterprises(Palgrave, 2008), among other books.

Alon has consulted both multinational businesses and government organizations relating to marketing and international business issues. Among his clients are USAID, Darden, Disney, illy, and Orlando International Airport. 

Academic interests

International Strategy and Structure, International Marketing, Emerging Markets, China

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