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Henrik Lian

PhD Research Fellow

I3005 ( Universitetsveien 25, Kristiansand )


I work as a research fellow at the institute and have a background in clinical nutrition and food technology.

Research interests

I am part of a research group where we are using simple digital dietary interventions to promote healthy eating habits among children at home and in daycare. We call this initiative "Nutrition Now." Previous research at our institute has shown that such simple interventions can promote healthy eating habits in children. With Nutrition Now, we aim to apply this research on a larger scale. My task is to assess the implementation of Nutrition Now in daycare facilities to make the program as effective as possible.

The overarching purpose of Nutrition Now is to promote healthy eating habits early in life for good health in a lifelong perspective.

Work experience

15.04.22: Research Fellow, Department of Nutrition and Public Health, Faculty of Health and Sports Sciences, UiA

14.04.22: Until the specified date, I worked at Sørlandet Hospital as a clinical nutritionist, primarily focusing on the treatment and prevention of obesity and lifestyle-related diseases.

Academic interests

Prevention and treatment of lifestyle diseases.

Adipose tissue, fat, and its role in the body.

Obesity and its treatment.

What is taste and smell?

Appetite and the desire to eat.

Metabolism of energy from food.

Energy metabolism in the body.

How does food processing affect the food itself and us?

Our intestines.

What influences our food choices?

How can eating habits be changed?

Food from an evolutionary perspective.


Nutrition Now

Scientific publications

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  • Lian, Henrik (2024). Intervju/uttalelse på P4-nyhetene (radio). Tema: Hvordan kan rekordhøy prisøkningen på en rekke sunne matvarer i 2023 slå ut på forbruk av sunn mat og påvirke folkehelsen. Finn Irgens Myking Journalist, P4 nyhetene, gjennomførte intervjuet. Det ble sent fredag 12. januar 2024..
  • Lian, Henrik (2023). WHO: Slik påvirker lettbrus vekten din.
  • Lian, Henrik (2023). Studier på vektnedgang: Menn har en klar fordel.
  • Lian, Henrik (2022). Ned 15 kilo - metoden forbløffer.
  • Lian, Henrik (2022). Ferievanene kan påvirke helsen din: − Ikke bli helt ukritisk.


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