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Hedvig Solbakken


D3042B ( Universitetsveien 25, Kristiansand )

I have master's in Nordic literature from The University of Oslo, university pedagogy with a digital specialization from Stockholm's University,  and additional education in Norwegian second language aquisition and digital humanities.

Since 2015 I have been working as a university lecturer at several different universities in Norway, Sweden and Finland. 

I have been teaching a wide range of topics within the literary and linguistic disciplines, but my main focus has been Norwegian as a foreign language and Norwegian for Swedish and Danish speakers -- so called neighbour languages

Here at UiA, I teach Norwegian language for international employees and work as a secretary for our language policy committee.

Selected publications

Solbakken, H. 2022: "Den politiske språkhistoriens litterære uttrykk" I Claudi, Mads Breckan & Norendal, Audhild (Red.), Litteraturhistoriske muligheter i forskning og undervisning. Universitetsforlaget. ISSN 9788215049908. s. 101 - 112.

General outreach

På radio:


  • https://lektorlomsdalen.no/2022/09/ll-442-hedvig-solbakken-om-den-politiske-sprakhistorien/

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