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Hans Olav Hodøl

Head of Department

Associate professor

E2072 ( Universitetsveien 25, Kristiansand )

My background is from the practical TV industry, but since the mid 90's I have mostly been working in academia, first at Gimlekollen School of Journalism and Communication (now part of NLA University College), and since 2009 at the University of Agder. I have taught classes in journalism, media production and communication, and had various roles as a professional leader, study coordinator, and now head of department.

Researchwise, I have been particularly interested in media practice and digital culture in a religious context, which is part of the somewhat larger subject of Religion and Media.

Academic interests

Religion and media

Scientific publications

  • Hodøl, Hans-Olav (2021). Flere oppsøker kirker utenfor sin vanlige menighet (intervjuet i oppslag i Vårt Land).
  • Hodøl, Hans-Olav (2021). Nye funn viser at folk vil endre nettgudstjenestene (intervjuet i oppslag i avisen Dagen).
  • Hodøl, Hans-Olav (2020). Digital culture and media practice in a church context.

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