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Hanne Haaland

Head of Department

38 14 23 62
H2006 ( Gimlemoen 25, Kristiansand )
Department of Global Development and Planning


Mobility, culture and gender:  



Haaland holds a Phd in development studies from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences

In her research for her PhD she focused on land conflicts and competing jurisdictions in Mozambique. However, having worked in comissioned research she alsoholds a vast experience working on human-environment conflicts in Norway and countries in the South. Since 2013 she has had a strong research interest in the phenomenon of personalised aid in the Global South, a topic she has researched together with Hege Wallevik. Haaland and Wallevik are currently involved in research projects focusing on gender, immigrant women and access to paid work in Norway, with case studies from Agder. They are also both involved in research exploring impacts of microfinance on family welfare in Indonesia. 

Academic interests

UT - 112: Introduction to Latin America: history, society and development

UT - 109 Field course Bolivia

UT - 402: Gender, Culture and Everyday Life

UT - 407: Mobilitet, sted og identitet

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