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Gloria Ziglioli

PhD Research Fellow

PhD Research Fellow

53A103 ( Universitetsveien 53, Kristiansand )

PhD Research Fellow in Sociology at the Department of Sociology and Social Work. In 2018 I took my master degree in Sociology and Management of Social Work at the University of Pisa (Italy). My research interests include welfare technology and LTC services, social investment policies and multi-actor partnerships, european welfare states development and comparison, the contemporary risk society and the online communities.I am currently working on a multi-method research investigating the Welfare Technology Program(s) in Norway. In particuar, it focuses on the governance dynamics of the local multi-actor network which involve public, for-profit and non-profit actors for developing and sustaining innovative technology-oriented LTC services.

Research interests

e-health / Welfare Technology

Comparative Welfare System & Social Investment policies

Realistic Evaluation 

World Risk Society & Social Vulnerability

Action Research  




Scientific publications

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