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Erik Yves H Adalberon

Research Librarian

Subject Librarian, science

D2026 ( Universitetsveien 25, Kristiansand )
Office hours:

Science teacher with futher education in pedagogy. Is currently working on a PHD dissertation on the subject of assessment in teacher education. 

Research interests

Assessment in higher education

Teacher education


FoU-project, smartboard


Scientific publications

  • Adalberon, Erik Yves H. (2021). Innovating examinations in teacher education. ISBN: 9788284270432. Universitetet i Agder.
  • Adalberon, Erik Yves H. (2016). Preparing for a new examination mode in teachers' training.
  • Adalberon, Erik Yves H. (2016). Digital assessment & the use of ICT in the examination of preservice teachers.

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