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Espen Bariås


Advisor in personal data, ethics and data management in research

F3058 ( Universitetsveien 25, Kristiansand )

I have a background as a molecular biologist and finished my PhD in 2021.I work now as an advisor in the Researc and inovation department and handle requests related to personal data, ethics and data management in research. 

Answer questions about:

- Collection and processing of personal data in research

- Questions about Sikts notice form for personal data

- Data management and safe storage

- Evaluation of new applications and software

- Research etihcs 

Work experience

2022: Advisor UiA

2017-2021: PhD University of Bergen (Molecular biology)

Selected publications

Martin Jakubec, Espen Bariås, Fedor Kryuchkov, Linda Veka Hjørnevik, Øyvind Halskau (2019) Fast and Quantitative Phospholipidomic Analysis of SH-SY5Y Neuroblastoma Cell Cultures Using Liquid Chromatography–Tandem Mass Spectrometry and 31P Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

Martin Jakubec, Espen Bariås, Samuel Furse, Morten L. Govasli, Vinnit George, Diana Turcu, Igor A. Iashchishyn, Ludmilla A. Morozova-Roche, Øyvind Halskau (2020) Cholesterol-containing lipid nanodiscs promote an α-synuclein binding mode that accelerates oligomerization.

Espen Bariås, Martin Jakubec, Elise Førsund, Linda Veke Hjørnevik, Aurélia E. Lewis, Øyvind Halskau (2023) Contrasting the phospholipid profiles of two neoplastic cell lines reveal a high PC:PE ratio for SH-SY5Y cells relative to A431 cells

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