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Erlend Hoven

PhD Candidate

Erlend Hoven graduated from medical school in 2011. His experience from both the Neurology and the Eye department has led him to become an eye doctor specialist at Sørlandet Hospital Arendal. Currently, he is a PhD candidate with a research area focusing on the posterior segment of the eye. His work will further explore the ways artificial intelligence can assist in the interpretation of complex images acquired from the eye. Future research interests are better treatment alternatives and smarter treatment algorithms, including further integration of artificial intelligence in the eye field, but also in other branches of medicine. 

Work experience

2011 - 2013:             Sandnessjøen Hospital / General Practitioner Ballangen 

2013 - 2016:             Neurology dep. SSHF

2016 - 2020:             Eye dep. SSHF

2020 - 2021:             Eye dep. OUS

2021 - Current date: Eye dep. SSHF

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