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Elin Marie Frivold Kostøl

PhD Research Fellow

EU108 ( Universitetsveien 25, Kristiansand )

Research interests

Currently, I am researching the concept of co-regulation which in my case refers to warm, receptive, and supportive interactions between caregivers and children which provide guidance and modulation of the child’s emotions, behaviours and thoughts. My research focuses on caregivers as parents, as well as teachers at schools.

Courses and teaching

Special Education

Social-Emotional Learning

Inclusive Education

Research Methods and Methodology

Academic interests

My interests and expertise concern the social and emotional conditions surrounding children, their development and their learning processes. My methodological expertise includes qualitative approaches such as Stimulated Recall Interviews and Video Analysis of social interactions. 

Scientific publications

  • Kostøl, Elin Marie Frivold (2023). Teachers’ Interpretations of Emotional Situations in the Classroom: Co-regulation in the Diversity of Emotions as a Pedagogical Strategy.
  • Kostøl, Elin Marie Frivold; Jortveit, Maryann (2022). Teachers’ perspectives on a good expert assessment and its relevance to special needs education. Collaboration with Educational Psychological Service counsellors.

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