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Desire Baartman

Associate Professor

E2307 ( Universitetsveien 25, Kristiansand )
Office hours:
velferdspermisjon juli 2022 - juni 2023

BEd with specialisations in Science, English and Physical Education

BSc Business Informatics

MBA (Master in Business Administration)

Research interests

Use of Student Response Systems in lectures - formal assessment and interaction with students.

We Own the School - International project on school development.

ICT and education

Develpment of digital learning resources

Inquiry-based learning

School development

Internationalisation and collaborative learning

Courses and teaching

Inquiry-based learning (utforskende læring)

School development and leadership


Educational technology

ICT and Education



Work experience

15 years in education (primary, secondary, tertiary education, and in-service training).

15 years in private sector as IT developer, designer and consultant.

Work experience in The Netherlands, USA, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Norway.

Academic interests

ICT and Education

Science Education

School development

Curriculum Development

Inquiry-based Learning


Da Vinci Barnehage - science and mathematics related activities på barnehage www.davinci2020.no

DaVinciVideo - FoU GLU - design and development of videos that show best-practices in inquiry-based learning.

ICT and Education www.discoro.no

We Own The School/ Student Owenership of Learning - International project on scholl development. http://www.studentownership.com/

Actionbound - Use Actionbound program in education with inquiry-based learning as pedagogy.

Scientific publications

  • Baartman, Desire (2021). “We were made to think”- how student response systems can change the lecture and contribute to learning. Assessment theory, policy, and practice in higher education - Integrating feedback into student learning. ISBN: 978-3-8309-4478-2. Waxmann Verlag. 2. s 19 - 38.
  • Baartman, Desire (2021). Inquiry-based learning & Inductive teaching approach using Immersive a Mobil Outdoor IBL experience.
  • Garshol, Lenka; Drange, Eli-Marie D.; Palmer, Helen Suzanne; Vos, Pauline; Baartman, Desire (2021). Actionbound seminar.
  • Baartman, Desire; Vos, Pauline (2020). Video: Brusetablletter (oppløsningsevne)- Inquiry basert læring i prkasis. Trinn 5..
  • Baartman, Desire; Vos, Pauline (2020). Video: Fire kuber - Inquiry basert læring i praksis. Trinn 4. Tverrfaglig: mattematikk, design, samfunnsfag..
  • Baartman, Desire (2020). Prosjektbasert læring.
  • Baartman, Desire (2020). Designing videos on Inquiry-based learning for teacher education-Investigation and exploring design principles.
  • Baartman, Desire; Vos, Pauline (2020). Designing videos for teacher education on inquiry-based learning - Investigating and exploring design principles.
  • Baartman, Desire (2019). DaVinciVideo: Kube og utbrettete mønstre.

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