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Dana Ryan Lande


Internationalization and Language Services

F3042 ( Universitetsveien 25, Kristiansand )

Research interests

I began my research career with a Doctoral Research Fellowship at the University of Oslo, resulting in my Ph.D. dissertation, “Narrative Ethics in an Evolving Society: The Short Fiction of Nadine Gordimer”, focused primarily on South African literature, politics, and ethical issues. During that fellowship I began to form an understanding of the complex relationship between texts, memory, and identity. After the successful defense of my PhD, the completion of the university pedagogy course, and a year of teaching experience, I began my first postdoctoral project with TRAUM - Transforming Author Museums at UiO. This study allowed me to explore the literary nature of author museums, and the cultural heritage which literature may offer a nation in transition. My segment of the project, “Text, Presentation, and (Re)presentation in South African Author Museums”, focused on the literature and museums of Olive Schreiner and Solomon Tshekisho Plaatje. 

My second postdoctoral position was a joint research project between the University of Agder and MF Norwegian School of Theology, Religion and Society. The Lying Pen of the Scribes: Manuscript Forgeries, Digital Imaging, and Provenance Research brought me onboard to analyze the media history of the Dead Sea Scrolls from a narrative perspective. My contribution was titled "The Ethics of Telling: Narrative Journalism Representing the Dead Sea Scrolls in 20th and 21st Century Media Outlets".Given the interdisciplinary nature of my work, I have a broad understanding of narrative communication within the fields of literature, cultural heritage, religion, and intercultural relations.

Selected publications

“Unreliable Vaults, Holy Disbelief: Narrative Ethics in Dead Sea Scrolls ‘news’.” Journal of Religion, Media, and Digital Culture 11.3, 2023.

“Narrative Expansion in South African Author Museums.” Transforming Author Museums. Eds. Ulrike Spring, Johan Schimanski and Thea Årbakke. Oxford: Berghahn, 2022.

“Early Dead Sea Scroll Reports: Edmund Wilson and the Rhetoric of Protection.” Frontiers of Narrative Studies 7.2 (Winter), 2021.

“Narrative Intersections in an Author Museum: The Olive Schreiner House.” Narrative Culture 7.1 (Spring), 2020.

“Reading Sol Plaatje in Kimberley: A South African Author Museum.” The South African Journal of Cultural History 32.2 (December), 2018.

“Travels Across Ethical Borders: Anonymity and Space in Nadine Gordimer’s ‘The Ultimate Safari’.” Narrative Ethics. Eds. Jakob Lothe and Jeremy Hawthorn. Amsterdam: Rodopi, 2013.

Scientific publications

  • Hægeland, Signe Marie; Lande, Dana Ryan; Justnes, Årstein (2023). Hvordan lansere et falskt dødehavsrullfragment? [podcast].
  • Lande, Dana Ryan (2022). Crusaders, Americanization, and 'Recovery': Travel Narratives and Practical Legacies.
  • Lande, Dana Ryan (2022). Edmund Wilson and the Narrative Beginnings of Dead Sea Scroll Reporting.
  • Lande, Dana Ryan (2021). Early Dead Sea Scroll Reports: Edmund Wilson and the Rhetoric of Protection.
  • Lande, Dana Ryan (2020). Media History, Narrative Unreliability, and the Dead Sea Scrolls.
  • Lande, Dana Ryan (2020). Media History, Narrative Unreliability, and the Dead Sea Scrolls: The Ethics of Provenance (Under-)Reporting.

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