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Christoph Lattemann

Associate Professor

Scientific publications

  • Lattemann, Christoph; Alon, Ilan; Emily, Patig (2019). Case in Disruption: LexShares and the Litigation Finance Sector. Global Business and Organizational Excellence. ISSN: 1932-2054. 38 (2). s 13 - 22. doi:10.1002/joe.21906.
  • Lattemann, Christoph; Jiang, Cong Cong (2019). Chinese OFDI in Europe under the Guidance of BRI - A Focus on China-CEE Economic Relations. China and the World - Ancient and Modern Silk Road. ISSN: 2591-7293. 1 (4). s 1 - 12.
  • Vaccarini, Katuscia; Lattemann, Christoph; Spigarelli, Francesca; Tavoletti, Ernesto (2019). Managers’ psychic distance and its impact on Chinese FDI to Germany in the environmental industry. International Journal of Emerging Markets. ISSN: 1746-8809. 14 (2). s 155 - 170. doi:10.1108/IJoEM-07-2017-0242.
  • Lattemann, Christoph; Halaszovich, Tilo; Eickemeyer, Stefan (2018). Blockchain Technologien für die Sicherung von Material-, Informations- und Geldflüssen in der Logistik - Erfolgsfaktoren für die chinesische „Belt-Road" Initiative". HMD Praxis der Wirtschaftsinformatik. ISSN: 2198-2775. 324 (55). s 1 - 14.
  • Xing, Yijun; Liu, Yipeng; Lattemann, Christoph (2018). Institutional logics and social enterprises: Entry mode choices of foreign hospitals in China. Journal of World Business. ISSN: 1090-9516. s 1 - 12. doi:10.1016/j.jwb.2018.11.004.
  • Liu, Yipeng; Lattemann, Christoph; Xing, Yijun; Dorawa, David (2018). The emergence of collaborative partnerships between knowledge-intensive business service (KIBS) and product companies: the case of Bremen, Germany. Regional studies. ISSN: 0034-3404. 53 (3). s 376 - 387. doi:10.1080/00343404.2018.1510178.
  • Strohmann, T.; Fischer, Simon; Brachten, F.; Lattemann, Christoph; Robra-Bissantz, Susanne; Stieglitz, Stefan (2018). Virtual Moderation Assistance: Creating Design Guidelines for Virtual Assistants Supporting Creative Workshops.
  • Redlich, Beke; Dorawa, David; Siemon, Dominik; Lattemann, Christoph (2018). Towards Semi-Virtual Design Thinking – Creativity in Dispersed Multicultural and Multidisciplinary Innovation Project Teams.

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