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Charlie Emil Krautwald

PhD Candidate


I have a Master of Arts (MA) in History fra University of Copenhagen (2016) with elective studies in Museology an Cultural Heritage. I wrote my master thesis on the militant anti-fascist mobilisation on the Danish left 1930-36.

Professionally, I have previously worked with:

  • The occupation and resistence movement in Demark 1940-45
  • The Danish volunteers in the Spanish Civil War
  • Colonial history of the West Indies
  • Museology and cultural heritage
  • Urban- and living history
  • The 19. century hygiene movement
  • Building history

I am active in the Nordic research network, Politics From Below, which primarily researches on radical street public and political mobilisation.

Besides my research I am a member of the editorial board of the journal Arbejderhistorie (SFAH) and active in the Danish Society of Labour History.

Academic interests

  • Interwar Period
  • Fascism and right radicalism
  • Anti-fascism
  • Labour movement
  • Political culture
  • Activism
  • Radicalism
  • Militant street public
  • Public space
  • Political violence and confrontation
  • Masculinities in politics
  • Contentious politics
  • Politics from below


I am a Phd research fellow in history specialised in political culture and youth political radicalisation in the Interwar Period.

My Phd-project, Fighting for the Streets, is investigating how and why the political youth movements in Denmark and the Nordic countries was inspired by militant, transnational currents in their agitation and fight over the opinion-making in the physical public space in the Interwar Period.

The project focuses on radicalisation of propaganda methods in the form of uniforms, use of symbols and offensive street mobilisation as well as the confrontations with political opponents and authorities which this militant language ensued.

While my case is the youth organisations on the Danish left- and right-wing in the years 1917-1940, the project contains transantional comparisons to the other Nordic countries and focusses on innovative transfer of idéers and fighting methods across borders.

Scientific publications

  • Krautwald, Charlie Emil (2019). Three arrows against the swastika: Militant social democracy and the radical opposition to fascism in Denmark, 1932-1934. Anti-facism in the Nordic Countries. New Perspectives, Comparisons and Transnational Connections. ISBN: 9781138046948. Routledge. Chapter 5. s 91 - 110.
  • Krautwald, Charlie Emil (2018). Fascismen marcherer. Kontinuitet og tradition i fascismens brug af gaderne som politisk arena. Opprør og opposisjon under enevelde og demokrati. ISBN: 9788202626006. Cappelen Damm Akademisk. 6. s 161 - 186.
  • Krautwald, Charlie Emil (2017). Kampklar! Militant antifascistisk mobilisering i Danmark 1930-36. Historisk Tidskrift för Finland. ISSN: 0046-7596. 102 (1). s 114 - 148.
  • Krautwald, Charlie Emil (2020). Kampklar! Venstrefløjen og den militante antifascisme i Danmark 1930-39. ISBN: 9788740833119. Syddansk Universitetsforlag. s 253.
  • Krautwald, Charlie Emil; Scherfig, Albert; Madsen, Daniel; Zarling, Nadia (2014). Brødrene Nielsen - Breve fra Den Spanske Borgerkrig. ISBN: 9788792880024. Forlaget Nemo. s 367.
  • Krautwald, Charlie Emil (2020). Nordisk nazisme i dag.
  • Krautwald, Charlie Emil (2019). Fighting for the streets. Radical street politics and popular riot culture in Interwar Denmark.
  • Krautwald, Charlie Emil (2019). Mainstreaming Neo-Fascism? «Ethnopluralism» and Identitarian Politics as Metapolitical Strategy of the Nordic Far-Right.
  • Krautwald, Charlie Emil (2019). Interview i P1 Orientering om Den Nordiske Modstandsbevægelse.
  • Krautwald, Charlie Emil (2019). Interview om den yderste højrefløj i Danmark.
  • Krautwald, Charlie Emil (2019). Med Nordfront har Danmark fået en klassisk nazistisk forening.

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