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Cecilie Ødegård

Senior Engineer

Senior Engineer

D2040 ( Jon Lilletuns vei 9, Grimstad )
Office hours:

Current work at UiA in Grimstad;

2012- to present

Materials technology related work in the laboratory of the mechatronics group

and support to other groups; renewable energy and construction materials.


Trained in mechanical testing, using tensile testing machines

with capacities from 0-25 kN up to 0-1000 kN.

Some typical tests on materials (metal, composites, polymers, etc.) are;

Tensile and compression testing.

Bending tests, Three-point or four-point bending test.

Determination of mechanical properties of materials.

Cyclic loads and fatigue testing.

Trials of different sensors on materials during mechanical loads.

Other tests ; Hardness testing on metals, Charpy Test, Heat treatment.

Load cell calibrations.


Operator and analysis of electron microscope images with EDS analysis.

Providing mechanical testing for manufacturing industries and oil-service companies.


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