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Muhammad Bilal

H4028 ( Jon Lilletuns vei 9, Grimstad )
  • PhD in Physiscs (Wind speed modelling) Norway.
  • Masters in Renewable Energy Systems (Germany).
  • Masters in Technical Management (Germany).
  • Bachelors in Electrical Engineering with Telecom major.  

Scientific publications

  • Os, Vibeke; Bilal, Muhammad (2017). Lagde datamodell for vindkraft.
  • Bilal, Muhammad; Birkelund, Yngve; Araya, Guillermo; Walter, Gutierrez; Arquimedes, Ruiz-Columbie (2015). Evaluation of aerodynamic loads in wind farms due to katabatic winds..
  • Bilal, Muhammad; Birkelund, Yngve; Araya, Guillermo (2015). Wind Flow Over a Complex Terrain in Nygårdsfjell, Norway..
  • Bilal, Muhammad; Birkelund, Yngve (2013). Empirical modeling of wind power production during winter season.

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