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Benjamin Fabian Krause

Senior Engineer

A1095 ( Jon Lilletuns vei 9, Grimstad )
Office hours:
09:00 - 15:00

I'm currently working at the University of Agder pursuing my goal of automating all repetitive and manual tasks. I've developed a number of self-service solutions and almost everyone (student and employees) use one of my solutions at least once. That may include ordering an ID-card, paying for print quota, leaving feedback, installing software automatically or just being accepted/hired in the first place. Take a look at my projects for more details.I love technology in general and try to know a little bit about everything. I also work with transforming my house into a smart-home and making technology work for everyone. 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/krausebenjamin/


RPA Manager/Agent (2019 – Present)

This is my largest and most ambitious project yet!

Built on ServiceNow, RPA Manager is a back-end API for managing automated tasks. The back-end allows you to create workflows and specify how many "robots" you want to handle incoming tasks. The RPA agent is a Windows-client that takes complete control over the client (Virtual machine) in terms of configuration and future Windows-updates. This client will poll the API for work and every time a task is created, the first first available robot will start executing that task. This tool is similar to BluePrism, but developed in-house and thus cheaper and more flexible then any other solution.

This framework currently runs the following tasks completely without human intervention:

  • Adding employees to SAP (without access to the API due to DFØ hosting the platform)
  • Adding police certifications to students in Felles studentsystem (FS)
  • Register attendance of students in Felles studentsystem (FS)
  • Import daily data from the Norges Bank to Agresso

UiA Toolkit (2017 – Present)

With the increasing number of clients running self-service software (PhotoBooth, Payment and Feedback), I needed a better way of managing them remotely as I'm the only one developing, maintaining and testing these solution at the university. That's why I developed "UiA Toolkit", a framework that both centralizes administration and standardizes shared code. The framework makes it possible to automatically register clients in ServiceNow and manage them from there. That includes switching and updating the software, monitoring and changing settings on the fly. The framework also contains ready to use functions for talking to ServiceNow, SafeCom and other helper-functions.

Feedback Machine (2016 – Present)

Developed a feedback machine similar to the ones you find at the airport and malls, but a lot more advanced. This solution integrates with ServiceNow, features automatic device setup and registration and remote management. Instead of only supporting smileys, this solution makes it possible to create a wizard consisting of multiple "pages". A page might be: "Free response", "ID-card (RFID) identification", "Instruction", "Multiple choice" or "Rating scale (Smileys)".

Photo Booth (Feb 2014 – Present)

I have developed a self-service PhotoBooth that allows employees and students to take ID-card photos without any need of assistants. Before 2014, University of Agder spent NOK 100.000 on consultants taking photos of students every semester. This solution does not only eliminate this cost, but students are now able to order their ID-card whenever they like without standing in line. There are currently four such Photo Booths in use, three of them in Kristiansand and one in Grimstad. They usually take more then 500 photos a day at the start of a new semester.

Self Service Checkout (2013 – Present)

I have developed an easy to use, self service checkout solution. The University's help-desk sells print quota, lamination, book binding and other items. Prior to 2013 this was all done manually and took a lot of time, both handling payments and keeping a record of sales. Especially selling print quota took a long time since it involved quite a few steps. This is now a fully automated solution with an easy to use interface. Students can now pay for print quota and get the correct amount transferred to their account in an instant. The solution also keeps track of sales, bank terminal maintenance and reporting back to the finance department.

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