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Anna Alon


Accounting and Auditing

9I263 ( Universitetsveien 19, Kristiansand )

Anna Alon is a Professor of Accounting and Auditing at the University of Agder (UiA) School of Business and Law. She holds a PhD in Accounting from the University of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida. Prior to joining academia, she worked at KPMG, Kodak, and Siemens. Alon’s research has been published in well-regarded journals, including Accounting, Organizations and Society, Journal of Business Ethics, Corporate Governance: An International Review, and Behavioral Research in Accounting. 

She is a principal investigator on the project funded by the Norwegian Research Council tittled Internationalization of Financial Accounting and Auditing (IFRA). More information at https://ifra.uia.no/

Academic interests

  • Accounting Theory
  • Financial Accounting


Alon’s research focuses on accounting and institutional aspects of corporate governance, including the evolution of accounting regulation, IFRS in particular, and auditing profession in transition economies. She is interested in theory development and empirical testing of accounting concepts as they evolve and get adopted in transition economies. Further, the evolution of regulatory accounting environment of Russia and how it impacts different dimensions of the audit profession is a focus of a number of her studies. 

Scientific publications

  • Haaland Geir, Alon Anna, Ti millioner til forskning og undervisning (2018). Revisjon og Regnskap . ISSN 0332-7795. 1 s 29 - 30
  • Alon Anna Multi-mode standardization occurring in accounting and auditing (2018).
  • Alon Anna Layering of IFRS and dual institutionality of accounting standards in Belarus (2017).
  • Alon Anna Book Review of Lemus, Resistance to Changes in Financial Reporting Standards (2017). International Journal of Accounting . ISSN 0020-7063. 52 s 224 - 225
  • Alexander David, Alon Anna, Layering of IFRS and Dual Institutionality of Accounting Standards in Belarus (2017). Accounting in Europe . ISSN 1744-9499. 14 (3), s 261 - 278 doi: 10.1080/17449480.2017.1374547
  • Alon Anna Qualitative methods PhD lecture - International Association for Accounting Education and Research. Bucharest, Romania, June, 2017. (2017).
  • Alon Anna, Hageman Amy, An institutional perspective on corruption in transition economies (2017). Corporate governance: An International Review . ISSN 0964-8410. 25 (3), s 155 - 166 doi: 10.1111/corg.12199
  • Alon Anna, Mennicken Andrea, Samsonova-Taddei Anna, Dynamics and limits of regulatory privatization: Audit quality control in Russia, 1985-2015 (2016).
  • Alon Anna, Hagemen Amy, An institutional perspective on corruption in transition economies. (2016).

Research groups

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