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Anita Movik Simensen

PhD Candidate

121 ( Universitetsveien 17, Kristiansand )

Scientific publications

  • Simensen, Anita Movik; Olsen, Mirjam Harkestad (2019). Tasks that enhance creative reasoning: supporting gifted pupils in inclusive education systems. Including the Highly Gifted and Creative Students – Current Ideas and Future Directions. Proceedings of the 11th international conference on mathematical creativity and giftedness (MCG 11). ISBN: 000-0-00000-000-0. WTM – Verlag für wissenschaftliche Texte und Medien. Paper. s 202 - 208.
  • Huru, Hilja Lisa; Räisänen, Anna-Kaisa; Simensen, Anita Movik (2018). Culturally based mathematics tasks: a framework for designing tasks from traditional Kven artefacts and knowledge. Nordisk matematikkdidaktikk. ISSN: 1104-2176. 23 (3-4). s 123 - 142.
  • Simensen, Anita Movik; Fuglestad, Anne Berit; Vos, Pauline (2015). How much space for communication is there for a low achieving student in a heterogeneous group?. Proceedings of the Ninth Congress of the European Society for Research in Mathematics Education. ISBN: 978-80-7290-844-8. European Society for Research in Mathematics Education. Chapter of TWG3 Algebraic Thinking. s 467 - 473.
  • Simensen, Anita Movik; Anundsen, Inger Wallem (2013). Matematikk i naturfag - et kompetansehevingsprosjekt for barnehagen. MONA Matematikk og naturfagdidaktik. ISSN: 1604-8628. (2). s 7 - 23.
  • Opheim, Linda Gurvin; Simensen, Anita Movik (2018). Læreren som matematikkstudent. ISBN: 9788202579012. Cappelen Damm Akademisk. s 88.
  • Simensen, Anita Movik (2019). Tall og telling: matematikkaktiviteter som utgangspunkt for algebraisk tenkning..
  • Olsen, Mirjam Harkestad; Simensen, Anita Movik (2019). Tasks that enhance creative reasoning.
  • Simensen, Anita Movik; Vos, Pauline (2018). Matematiske læringsmuligheter for elever som presterer lavt i matematikk.
  • Simensen, Anita Movik (2018). Tall og telling - algebra i barnehagen.
  • Simensen, Anita Movik (2018). Elever som presterer lavt i matematikk: hvem er de og hva kan vi gjøre?.

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