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Anette Ringen Rosenberg

PhD Research Fellow

53A114 ( Universitetsveien 53, Kristiansand )

I am a PhD Research Fellow in Social Studies Didactics where I research children´s rights and education. I specifically focus on children´s right to human rights education in Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC). In the Norwegian educational context, human rights education is specifically assigned to the subject of social studies. 

I have a background in education and sociology of children and childhood, I have worked as a pedagogoical leader in an ECEC Centre. I have a bachelor degree as an Early Childhood Education teacher from Queen Mauds University College and a masters degree in Childhood Studies from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), both in Norway. 

In my PhD studies I combine my interests of children´s rights and education. I have an interest in education across educational levels, but my project focus on the first step into education in Norway - the ECEC. My PhD project, working title "Human rights education in early childhood education and care - a critical analysis of NGO produced learning materials" focuses on the ideological and formal curricula for human rights education for children in ECEC. I utilise critical discourse analysis and the research focus on the human rights education appearing from the learning materials available for the Norwegian ECEC teacher. I engage deeply with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child as well as Norway´s National Curricula for the ECEC. My research combine legal, educational and social studies perspectives. 

My main research interests are human rights, children´s rights, democracy, diversity, and children´s agency and participatory rights. 

Along side my PhD studies, I continue to develop my research and academic skills by being involved in conference managment and participation. My academic training also include reviewing fellow PhD-colleagues´ work and teaching and grading at the University of Agder. 

Conference management:

- Organised and led the PhD student´s day at the National Conference for Social Studies Didactics 2020.- Organised a paper session at The National Conference for Social Studies Didactics 2020.- Organised and led a paper session at The National Conference for Social Studies Didactics 2021.

Conference participation:

- Paper presentation at The National Conference for Social Studies Didactics 2019, 2020, 2021.- Paper presentation at The 8th Nordic Conference on Subject Education.- Pannel member at the session "Rethinking digitalization and the right to education post-COVID-19" during the Bergen Exchanges 2021 conference.

Profil on research gate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Anette-Ringen-Rosenberg  


Human rights in early childhood education and care

Scientific publications

  • Rosenberg, Anette Ringen (2022). Månedens ph.d.
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  • Rosenberg, Anette Ringen (2021). Human Rights Education in Social Studies for ECEC - A critical look at ECEC children as human rights activists – education for human rights..
  • Rosenberg, Anette Ringen (2020). Menneskerettighetsopplæring i barnehagen – et aksjonsforskningsprosjekt.
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  • Rosenberg, Anette Ringen (2019). New insight into profiled kindergartens.
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