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Andrew Ross Atkinson

Andrew Atkinson did his PhD in Philosophy of Science at the University of Bristol, England – which was an unusual outcome after beginning education with a degree in Fine & Applied Arts, while living in Belfast. He subsequently read for an MA in the Philosophy of Art at the University of Bristol, then trained as a school teacher (which he hated) and then gained a second MA in Philosophy from the University of London. His doctoral thesis was an interdisciplinary synthesis of theories of cultural evolution, the cognitive science of religion, and philosophy of biology concerning the levels of selection question. He is still interested in scientific approaches to explaining religion, their implications for stalwart questions in the science vs religion debate, and for the status of philosophy of religion. 

He is also interested in the study of autism, its relation to religiosity, and understanding exactly what both of those are supposed to be. All of the themes he explores are informed by evolutionary thinking. He does not like writing about himself in the third person, but does enjoy film, photography, cooking, traveling, and fishing (if he can ever find any fish).

Research interests

Evolutionary religious studies, cognitive science of religion, philosophy, philosophy of religion

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