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Anders Wiik

PhD Research Fellow

J3033 ( Universitetsveien 25, Kristiansand )

I am presently student representative for the PhD students in mathematics education at UiA


Pure mathematics at NTNU (2011-2012)

Master's degree in mathematics education from the University of Agder (2013-2017)

Courses and teaching

MA-926 Mathematics for in-service teachers (fall 2016, fall 2017, fall 2018, fall 2019)

MA-927 Mathematics for in-service teachers (spring 2017, spring 2018, spring 2019)

MA-150 Algebra (fall 2017 and fall 2018)

MA-173 Introduction to school mathematics (spring 2018)

PED-233 and PED-234 Bachelor theses in mathematics education (spring 2018)

Work experience

2015-2017: I have work experience from adult education in mathematics, various teaching jobs and I have contributed to compiling a database of mathematical terms in Norwegian language.

August 2017 - December 2018: Assistant professor in mathematics education at the University of Agder

January 2019 - present: PhD research fellow at the University of Agder under supervision of prof. Pauline Vos and prof. Martin Engebretsen. My focus is on data visualizations. Data visualizations are complex cultural and semiotic artefacts that convey quantitative information within and between domains that affect many peoples lives. What is required to read them, what can they communicate about mathematics in use, how do they reflect on technological and social developments, and how are they made?

Academic interests

I conduct research into social aspects of school mathematics and the popularization of mathematics. We are surrounded by mathematics in various forms (creatice datavisualizations in newsrooms; complex graphs and tables in weather forecasts; big-data analyses in social media; etc.) but students nevertheless find school mathematics irrelevant to their lives. Also, many students are surprised, even schocked, when they realize that they need to do mathematics at university. What are the challenges, and what can we do about them?

Selected publications

Wiik, A og Vos, P. (2019). "I want a high-educated job that pays well and is fun": Secondary students' reasons for selecting the advanced mathematics course. Paper presented at CERME11.

Wiik, A og Vos, P. (2018). Hvofor lære om logaritmer? [Why learn about logarithms?] Tangenten - Tidsskrift for matematikkundervisning, 29(4), 7-12

Scientific publications

  • Wiik, Anders; Vos, Pauline (2019). Å lese værmeldingene i norske aviser (1945-2015): Hvilke matematiske ferdigheter forventes?.
  • Wiik, Anders (2019). Mathematization, visualization, communication: Mathematics in the social.
  • Wiik, Anders; Vos, Pauline (2019). “I want a high-educated job that pays well and is fun”; secondary students’ reasons for selecting the Advanced Mathematics course.
  • Wiik, Anders (2017). Data Vizualizations Through Logarithmic Scales and Plots.

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