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My Time in the Academic Practice Programme


’My dream is to continue studying. As an academic practice participant I can develop my language skills and get to know the Norwegian education system.

Yonas Tsighe Ghebrehiwet

Academic Practice Participant

  • Name: Yonas Tsighe Ghebrehiwet
  • Age: 38
  • From: Eritrea
  • Education: Bachelor’s in chemistry and mathematics from the University of Asmara
  • Academic Practice: Department of Education

What do you learn as an academic practice participant at UIA?

"First and foremost I learn a lot of Norwegian because I work together with many different people. It is important for me to learn Norwegian terms, especially related to chemistry and mathematics since I have a degree in those fields. In the programme, I have the freedom get involved in multiple fields, both scientific and administrative. That means I get to work with things I have no experience in, which I really like. For instance, I have used the computer programme Doodle a lot. My colleague Mayann Jortveit taught me how to use it. I have also installed computer programmes such as SPSS and NVivo on student computers.”

In what way do you apply your education to the programme?

Margrethe Wold at the Department of Engineering Sciences have included me in her lectures. I met her randomly in the cafeteria when having lunch with the staff, and I told her about my education. I help the students in the laboratory, and assist them in their assignments if they want help. My days are varied, and there are often new challenges. I thank the Internet for being able to figure out a lot on my own.”

How are your colleagues at UIA?

"In the programme, my supervisor is Inger Marie Dalehefte. We work well together, and I learn a lot from her. The staff at the Department of Education are also very including and hospitable. The first day I got acquainted with Åse Haraldstad at the Department of Education who introduced me to her students. We had lunch together in the staff cafeteria so that I could meet other employees and practice my Norwegian with them. After a few weeks I started attending a Norwegian course at PULS in Grimstad.“

Do you have any advice for others who want to be a candidate for participating in the academic practice programme?

“UIA is the best place to be if your dream is to continue studying. You learn how the education system in Norway works and Norwegian words and terms. You get to know a lot of people who will help you.“