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CIEM represented at Northern European Conference on Emergency and Disaster Studies

CIEM researchers took part in the interdisciplinary Northern European Conference on Emergency and Disaster Studies (NEEDS) conference, which was hosted by Mid Sweden University.

The NEEDS conference was hosted by Mid Sweden University
Bjørn Erik Munkvold, CIEM director

Bjørn Erik Munkvold, CIEM director

CIEM researchers, Bjørn Erik Munkvold, Jaziar Radianti and Nadia Saad Noori chaired a panel on the topic of “Exploring Future Work Practices for Information Sharing and Achieving Common Situational Understanding in Disasters”.  The panel included ten presentations, with four of these related to the INSITU project and involving Terje Gjøsæter, Kristine Steen-Tveit and Kjetil Rustenberg as contributors together with Munkvold and Radianti.

The participants shared insights from projects in Belgium, Germany, Netherlands and Norway that all focus on ICT-supported practices for common situational understanding among emergency responders. 

- The panel presentations and discussions provided very useful input for our further work in CIEM and the INSITU project, says CIEM director Bjørn Erik Munkvold.

Lucia Herrera, PhD student

Lucia Herrera, PhD student

CIEM PhD student Lucia Herrera also presented her first findings that aim to systematize social media listening activities in crisis management at the “Organizational learning and change during the "Blue Skies" panel, led by Femke Mulder and Paolo Cavaliere.

- I presented a model for classifying practice based on the analysis from interviews with practitioners recounting experiences while using social media in the context of crises, says Herrera.