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Official opening of the Global Lounge

The Global Lounge opens on Thursday 11 January as part of the new Vrimlehallen at the University of Agder (UiA). It is a meeting point for international students and employees as well as guests.

This article is more than one years old, and may contain outdated information.

Foto av Global Lounge-gjengen

The team behind the Global Lounge. From left to right: Marianne Ø. Johannessen (project manager), Aase Galteland (International office), Malin Stine Hauge (Division of Human Resources), Linn Eriksen (Faculty of Fine Arts), Eleonora Matrella (Intern), Irina Randrianarivelo (Intern) Øyvind Nystøl (Division of Research Management), Janne Strøm-Fladstad (International Office), Dmytro Yakovenko (Division of Research Management), Sissel Gjennestad (International Office), Anne Martins Bjærke (International Office), Mette H. Pedersen (International Office), Ida Marie Noren (Erasmus Student Network), Terje Thorsdalen (International Office), Nora Clarke (project manager), Tonje Nielsen Rørly (International Office), Mina Talamonte (leader of the buddy programme, Kristiansand).

Foto av Eleonora Matrella og Irina Randrianarvelo

Eleonora Matrella and Irina Randrianarivelo will work as interns at the Global Lounge.

As a newcomer, you can drop by to ask questions and get advice about practical matters. It is a place where you can meet like-minded people. All university students and staff, both Norwegian and international are welcome to the Global Lounge. 

"With the opening of Global Lounge, we want to be a better host and facilitate increased international activities," says project manager, Marianne Øhrn Johannessen.

A door to the world

In the Global Lounge, students who want to travel on exchange can get information about the different possibilities at UiA. International students can meet Norwegian students and use the facilities as a gathering place for formal and informal meetings.

“We will assist international guests regarding accommodation, transport or guided tours on campus. Newcomers with international background will get help to establish local networks and get information about the life both on and off the workplace”, Johannessen adds. We will offer several activities such as the "Global Lunch" focusing on various topics related to internationalization. 

Eleonora Matrella and Irina Randrianarivelo will be working at the Global Lounge as interns for the next six months. Eleonora comes from Italy and is currently a student in Finland and Irina is American and pursuing a degree in France.

“The Global Lounge will enable intercultural contacts between Norwegian and international students. It will be a great meeting point for us,” says Ida Marie Norin, a volunteer from the Erasmus Student Network (ESN).

What can we do for you?

We can also assist you with practical matters, for example opening a bank account or getting information about the Kristiansand area. Are you experiencing personal problems, or do you just need to get something off your chest? If so, advisors from the Global Lounge will be there for you.

In our comfortable setting, you can meet fellow students and share experiences. We also hold regular social activities. See the calendar for upcoming events.  

At the main entrance, flags from all around the world are hanging and mark the international spirit of the Global Lounge.

Global Lounge opens tomorrow at Campus Kristiansand. During 2018, a similar offer will be available at Campus Grimstad.

The Global Lounge is overseen by the International Office, the division of Human Resources and the division of Research Management.

Services provided by the Erasmus Student Network (ESN), the Student Association in Agder (STA) and the buddy programme will be accessible at the Global Lounge.

The Global Lounge supports the Global Mindset strategic goals by removing obstacles to international academic success and encouraging contact with fellow students and staff. In doing so, it strives to contribute to an inclusive climate where all are welcome!

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