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New travels grants for PhD research fellows

Few travel abroad during their PhD studies. Now the University of Agder encourage their PhD research fellows to apply for grants for stays abroad. 

This article is more than one years old, and may contain outdated information.

Personer som er på farten, illustrasjonsbilde.

The research fellows can get coverage for NOK 35 000 for expenses tied to a stay abroad in connection with their PhD studies. To qualify for a grant, the candidate must be accepted at one of UiA’s PhD programmes and be an active member of a research group at UiA. The grant is part of the strategy focus area Global Mindset (link).

Øyvind Nystøl, foto

Seniorrådgiver Øyvind Nystøl

“We hope people will grasp the opportunity and apply! Too few PhD research fellows use the opportunity to travel, and hopefully this arrangement will stimulate more people to do so,” says senior advisor for the division of research management at UiA, Øyvind Nystøl.

The goal of the arrangement is for the candidates to complete their studies in the nominal time, to build networks in an international environment and that the research groups’ international profile and collaborations are strengthened.

“PhD research fellows are a central part of the research groups, and after a completed stay abroad, they will be able to contribute to developing international research collaboration. That can result in more collaborative publications between UiA and the foreign institutions,” says Nystøl.

A generous pool

The allocation of grants will normally be done during the first three years after admission, and the stay’s length will be approximately 2-3 months. The arrangement finances educational stays, information collection and processing in professional environments. NOK 800,000 are in the pool this year and NOK 1.2 million for next year. The ambition is that half of the about 220 PhD research fellows at UiA will choose to travel abroad within 2019.

“We have a very generous pool which we believe will cover everyone. The goal is to send out 20-25 people this year and even more next year,” says Nystøl.

A more coherent research time

For the individual candidate, a stay abroad will be an opportunity to network, build their resume and increase the possibility for work after completed studies.

“Professionally, the research fellows will benefit from developing language and experience another culture. They will also have a more coherent time for research, something many employees within science are missing,” says Nystøl.

He encourages applicants to choose visiting institutions wisely. Initially, it is desirable that applicants choose institutions UiA already collaborate with, and that they have a work language the applicants can master.

Applicants can be directed to the PhD contact person for the faculty and will be processed by the Faculty director in question:

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