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Increase practical training at Kilden

The Department of Classical Music and Music Education strengthen the formal collaboration with Kilden starting this fall. Orchestra observation, master class with soloists and co-productions will contribute to the students receiving a deeper understanding of the musical profession.

This article is more than one years old, and may contain outdated information.

To celloer, illustrasjonsbilde

It is Monday morning and a new production begins for Kristiansand symphony orchestra. Musicians have in advance received sheet music and are well prepared. The conductor raises the baton and the rehearsing commences. This is the normal work rhythm for musicians at Kilden. Starting this fall, the rehearsal room will also be filled by Bachelor’s and Master’s students from UiA. They are instrumentalists and singers in classical music at the Faculty of Fine Art. But they won’t be playing here themselves, but follow closely “their” instruments in the orchestra. The students will observe practices and rehearsals, dress rehearsals and premieres.

Birte Myrstad, foto

“Talent is not enough. Being a musician is first and foremost hard work. Through closer collaboration, our classical students will experience great music productions from beginning to completed performance. We hope the student will receive a wider understanding of the musical profession,” says Birte Myhrstad, head of department of Classical Music and Music Education at the Faculty of Fine Arts.

Several previous music students at UiA are in the symphony orchestra. Other musicians have part-time positions in the faculty.

“It is a big inspiration for our current students to see that it is possible to get there,” says Myhrstad.

Soloists to campus

As part of the extended agreement between Kilden and UiA, the symphony orchestra’s guest soloists will visit the student at the university campus to conduct master class sessions.

“They will use several hours with a group of students and work with expression and communication in the music,” says Myhrstad.

The final name list for master classes is not clarified, but Kilden’s solo list for the fall includes violinists Arve Tellefsen and Peter Herresthal, and cellist Truls Mørch.


Students will also rehearse and perform along with the profession musicians at Kilden. Song students will make up the choir for this fall’s production of La Traviata, and in the spring of 2018, the symphony orchestra will be filled with student musicians in their own interaction production.

“Students will partake and create along with the professions and are prepared for the transition to working life,” says Myhrstad.

All three forms of practical training will redeem study points. 

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