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Speak Up

Reporting – wrongdoing

For example: Violations of laws or rules, bullying, (sexual) harassment, a dangerous work environment, or suspicion of academic misconduct.

Reporting for employees > 
Reporting for students >
Reporting for external individuals >

Health, environment and safety

For dangerous situations, injuries, accidents, near-accidents.

For violations of IT, infection control rules, personal and information security, as well as the processing of personal data.

Report failures to comply with accepted practice/faults >

Information security and data protection

Incidents that lead to a security breach, such as breach of confidentiality, data protection, privacy, integrity, and availability, are required to be reported.  

Log an issue >

Educational quality and teaching environment (for students only)

Buildings and rooms

Report concerning ventilation, cleaning, faults, and defects to the following:

E-mail caretaker, Kristiansand
E-mail caretaker, Grimstad