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UiA Cooperation with Universities in Africa

The University of Agder is an international university, cooperating with universities on all continents. Having a global mindset is one of UIA’s most important strategic efforts. Cooperation with universities and knowledge communities is crucial for us. Knowledge is international, and we are an international university. Together with our faculties we have created this summary of cooperations with universities in Africa, containing about 70 joint projects. Our objective is to strength cooperation for the purpose of gaining mutual enjoyment and benefits. We hope this summary will be helpful.

Selected Stories


Database: Joint projects

Afrika kart

One of the project goals was to create an overview of UIA activities in Africa. This database contains information about the university’s projects with partners in African countries. It includes, but is not limited to, education and research projects, scientific articles, and joint projects. Information will be continuously updated in order that the database functions as a dynamic tool.


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