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New visual identity for the University of Agder (UiA)

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The new visual identity of UiA communicates a unified and diverse university. In collaboration with Innoventi, the University of Agder has developed an identity that will make UiA more distinctive and memorable. 

Diverse and unified

The new identity communicates a diverse and unified UiA. A University that creates knowledge across disciplines, with strong connections to the region and the world.

A simplified and modernized logo

The abbreviation ‘UiA’ has been used in common parlance for a long time. It has also become common to use the abbreviation in the media and in formal communication. Now it is time to include 'UiA' in the official logo. By combining the abbreviation 'UiA' with the names of institutions, initiatives and projects, their affiliation becomes easy to perceive.

We have challenged ourselves to develop a simple profile which, with only a few elements, tells a unifying story about UiA. UiA's diversity is incorporated in a single icon. The different parts connect through a common red colour. The unifying icon can also be split into several parts and be used in different ways. Even though there are many different activities occurring at the university, they are all a part of UiA.

One name, one brand

Until now, UiA's visual expression was fragmented. Institutions, projects and programmes had their own visual expressions, making it difficult to recognise them as a part of UiA.

The new identity communicates a diverse and unified university. It sends a clear message of what UiA stands for, while simultaneously being visually attractive to students, employees and collaborators.

Few instruments, flexible design

With only a few elements, the new visual identity communicates what UiA is about. All activities at UiA share the same logo, color palette and style. Pictures provide an insight into teaching, research and student life.

Clear elements and simple guidelines give great flexibility without compromising the recognition of the UiA brand.

Looking ahead - implementation

The project began in August 2018. In total, it has taken seven months to create UiA's new visual profile. The new profile will be used during semester start this summer. In the autumn of 2019, new signs and signage will be produced; by New Year, the new profile will be present across all UiA platforms.

Our aim is to have a visual representation that reflects what we stand for. We want to mark our presence in the region and contribute to social development through knowledge, research and innovation.

Questions and suggestions

Project manager for visual identity