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Naima Saeed promoted to professor

The School of Business and Law at UiA has a new professor in Supply Chain Management.

Bilete av Naima Saeed.
Naima Saeed er tilknytta Institutt for arbeidsliv og innovasjon.

For Naima Saeed, it has long been a dream to become a professor. Her academic career began at Bahauddin Zakariya University (BZU) in Multan, Pakistan in 2001.

“I aimed to become a professor right from when I started as a lecturer in economics at BZU in 2001. It was primarily the work of a professor that seemed exciting to me, not the nice title. I started looking for possible PhD scholarships, and I found one at Molde University College”, Naima Saeed says. 

At UiA since 2014

She joined Molde University College in 2005, actually as a master's student. After one year, because of her good performance, her Master’s was converted into a PhD. She completed her doctorate in logistics with specialization in maritime economics in three years. After that, she worked as an associate professor at the same college. In 2014, she joined the University of Agder as an associate professor in supply chain management. She is now a member of the Department of Working Life and Innovation.

“It has been important for me to publish a lot, and to network with the leading researchers in my field. I have had several longer research stays abroad, in Japan, Australia, and the USA. I have had a lot of time to research, publish and develop my network”, Saeed says.

Dean Roger Normann at the School of Business and Law at UiA is proud to have a new professor at the school.

“It takes hard work to get promoted to professor. I would like to congratulate Naima on becoming a professor and look forward to following her career for years to come”, he says.

To become a professor, a researcher must document their academic career through a CV, present a list of publications, and attach up to 15 academic publications. The application is assessed by an expert committee, consisting of at least three persons with professorial rank or equivalent in the applicant’s subject area.

Strengthened motivation

“To review my own academic career in this way gave me the chance to look back on how far I have come, not least all those who helped me from the start and along the way. I listed all guest lectures, research grants and conference presentations. It was around 20 pages long”, says Saeed.

– How do you think the professorship will affect your future work?

“You get acknowledged for making a significant contribution to your field. I will continue to do research and teach, and I am involved in several exciting projects. I want to improve myself, which is a never-ending process, even if I have become a professor. Most of all, the promotion has given me strengthened motivation to continue”, says Professor Naima Saeed.