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BREXIT and Norway

How did the UK and the EU get into the current situation of political crisis? What lies at the heart of the breakdown Brexit has triggered in British politics? And what are the implications for partner states, such as Norway?

These questions and more will be addressed at the seminar «BREXIT and Norway» on June 25. The seminar is jointly organized by UiA and the South Norway European Office.

  • 25th June, 12.15 - 13.30
  • Auditorium B3-001, Campus Kristiansand

This article is more than two years old, and may contain outdated information.

The annual Jean Monnet Forum, 25th June 2019



Welcome and introduction

Stefan Gänzle (UiA) and Stig Marthinsen (Europakontor)


BREXIT Breakdown

Tim Oliver, Loughborough University London

In July 2016, shortly after becoming prime minister and less than a month after the UK had voted to leave the EU, Theresa May proclaimed that ‘Brexit means Brexit’. Brexit today means a never-ending cycle of political despair and crises, which it appears unlikely will end even if a withdrawal agreement is adopted. How did the UK and the EU get into this situation? Did it have to turn out this way? And what lies at the heart of the breakdown Brexit has triggered in British politics?


Brexit: What implications for (Southern) Norway?

Siri Mathiesen, Regional Director, Confederation of Norwegian Enterprises (NHO)

Brexit does not only have implications for the United Kingdom and the European Union – it also affects partner states, such as Norway. What is Brexit likely to hold for Southern Norway, in particular, the Agder region? How have Norwegian employers prepared for the potential challenges and uncertainties that lie ahead?

Moderation: Jarle Trondal (UiA)



Coffee and cookies will be served

Tim Olivier is Senior Lecturer for the Institute for Diplomacy and International Governance at the Loughborough University London. His research focuses on transatlantic relations, EU and British politics. Previous affiliations include the London School of Economics (LSE), Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, RAND Corporation, Johns Hopkins University in Washington D.C., the European Parliament and the House of Lords. Tim holds a PhD from the LSE. He is the author of “Understanding Brexit: A Concise Introduction, Policy Press 2018”.

Siri Mathiesen is an experienced Regional Director in The Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise (NHO), Norway’s largest organisation for employers and the leading business lobbyist. Mathiesen has experience from the international trade and development industry. She is skilled in Negotiation, Analytical Skills, Coaching, Entrepreneurship, and TeamBuilding. Siri graduated from University of Oslo (UiO) in 1987.