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Awarded for "best article"

The Norwegian Journal of Political Sciences has decided to give the award for the best article in 2018 to Professor Jarle Trondal and PhD Nadja Sophia Bekkelund Kühn.

This article is more than one years old, and may contain outdated information.

The article "Norsk Europaforvaltning - et organisasjonsteoretisk perspektiv på departementenes EU-arbeid" examines the role that employees in Norwegian Ministries play in European multi-level administration, and presents unique data from the period 1996-2016. Additionally, it presents an organizational perspective that aims to explain the behavior of what is often referred to as “Eurocrats” in Norwegian Ministries.

According to the jury, the article highlights an interesting and timely issue, building on empirical data that makes it a highly relevant contribution to the research field:

"The role of the civil servants in European multi-level governance highlights both how closely Norway is integrated with the EU, despite the fact that we are not a member, and that Norwegian civil servants are working on a basis of what they consider good policy from the EU system. In addition, the article highlights an interesting aspect of the role of democracy, since the Norwegian civil service is so closely integrated with a system of which we are not a member".

Receiving this award implies having their article translated into English and published in the World Political Science Review. - This is a very pleasant recognition of the work that we do, Trondal says.

Trondal and Kühn are both members of the research group “European Integration and Transnational Governance”.