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eHealth cooperation agreement with Scotland

The University of Agder has formalised its cooperation with the University of Strathclyde for developing future health services.

This article is more than two years old, and may contain outdated information.

Fire representanter for de to universitetene viser frem avtalen. Foto.
Professor George Crooks (left) and Executive Dean Professor David Littlejohn from the University of Strathclyde together with Dean Anders Johan Wickstrøm Andersen from UiA’s Faculty of Health and Sport Sciences and the Scientific Head of the Centre for eHealth Andreas Prinz.

The agreement was formally signed in the beginning of 2018 by representatives from the Centre for eHealth at the University of Agder and the Digital Health and Care Institute (DHI) at the University of Strathclyde.

“UiA has cooperated with DHI for a long time through different projects and networks such as European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Aging. We are happy to have now formalised the cooperation. Both DHI and the Centre for eHealth consider the users’ experience of health services very important, so the basis for joint projects is great,” Andreas Prinz, Scientific Head of the Centre for eHealth, said.

The cooperation will among other things encompass technological innovations and co-creation between the public sector, the private sector, academia and the general population. An important factor is that DHI has been granted a mandate from the Scottish Government to develop eHealth solutions and is therefore the gateway to eHealth in Scotland.

“DHI has access to users, companies and health service organisations in Scotland, and is therefore also important for I4Helse,” Prinz said.

I4Helse is a new centre at UiA under construction at Campus Grimstad. Here, digitalisation with artificial intelligence and robot technology will be an important part of developing future welfare services.