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Workshop Concert

On the last Sunday in November, a workshop concert was held for all students involved in the Chamber Music Class at the Department of Classical Music and Music Education. Then concert was led by professor II in Chamber music, Cordula Hacke.

This article is more than one years old, and may contain outdated information.

All students involved in chamber music could participate in the workshop concert

What was the purpose of this concert?

-Every project group performed their works as prepared, but the BIG difference in this setting of an „informal“ rather than a „formal“ setting is that I invited the audience to join the performers and me in commenting the performance, the music making, the appearance and stage manners and in having the chance to ask questions in order to actively learn from each other in a group setting, says Cordula Hacke.


-For me it is a great pleasure to see the enthusiasm and the curiosity and the positive attitude of our UiA students.  They are graceful and supportive of their fellow students, flexibel in adapting to new formats and open to try out new things and eager to gather more experience in a stage setting, says Hacke.

-I think we should have more of these kinds of events, also outside of the University and in new environments!