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UiA-professors Bendik Hofseth and Daniel Nordgård acknowledged in British whitepaper

The article «The Music Data Dilemma: Issues Facing the Music Industry in Improving Data Management» written by Peter Jenner and published by The Intellectual Property Office June 2019 adresses the important issues of copyright and digital content in the music industry.

Bendik Hofseth og Daniel Nordgård
Bendik Hofseth og Daniel Nordgård

– We would like to also acknowledge the support of Bendik Hofseth and Daniel Nordgård, along with the Kristiansand Summit, where many foundational concepts were debated and discussed under Chatham House Rules. -This was an invaluable experience and is an example of the kind of open frank discussion which needs to be supported throughout the industry, Jenner says.

Peter Jenner is former manager for world famous bands like Pink Floyd and The Clash, with several years experience in the music industry. At UiA, he is involved as a guest lecturer at the popular music study programme.

Download the full article (pdf)