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Supplementary election to the board of the Faculty of Fine Arts

In the period 26 April - 3 May, the Faculty of Fine Arts will hold a supplementary election for one of the three representatives on the faculty board for the constituency of employees in academic positions. The election period is from 1 August 2021 to 31 July 2023.

This article is more than two years old, and may contain outdated information.

SUPPLEMENTARY ELECTION: Deadline for promoting candidates is April 18. (Ill. photo: Colourbox)

SUPPLEMENTARY ELECTION: Deadline for promoting candidates is April 18. (Ill. photo: Colourbox)

Marit Wergeland

Marit Wergeland

- The supplementary election is being held because Associate Professor Tordis Landvik, is retiring, and we need her successor. The faculty board has an overall function for the activities at the faculty, and we hope that as many good candidates as possible run for the spot, says faculty board chairwoman and dean Marit Wergeland

She also says that if one of todays’ substitute representatives runs for office, and is elected, the election will also be for a new substitute member for the constituency to the board.

More about the faculty board here!
More about the election and how to promote candidates here!

Who can run for office?

Eligible as the constituency's representative to the faculty board is anyone who is employed in at least half a position by the university's employment committee, and who has been employed by the university for at least six months before the election commences. A fixed-term employee in at least half a position is also eligible if the employment relationship lasts for the duration of the election period. Temporary staff in academic positions are not eligible. Nor are the dean and department heads.

Candidates must be promoted by April 18!

It is voluntary to run for office, and if anyone promote candidates other than themself, they must be asked and concur.

An overview of how to run for office and the candidate form can be found here. The period for promoting candidates is from March 4 to April 18.

Important dates:

• March 4 - April 18 at 4 pm: Period to promote candidates
• March 4 - April 18 at 4 pm: Period to check the electoral roll
• April 18 at 4 pm: Deadline for complaining about the electoral roll
• April 26 at 10 am - 3. May at 4 pm: Election period, electronic election.

Electronic election and polling station

The election will be held electronically during the election period spanning 26 April 10 am to 3 May 4 pm. Constituents enter the polling station here: https://valg.usit.no/valg/login.do