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Now available in English: Bachelor Programme in Music Performance - Western Classical Music

The Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Classical Music and Music Education is now offering the Bachelor Programme in Music Performance in English, which opens the programme for international students from all over the world.

The bachelor programme in Music Performance is now available in English. ©ECAL 2019 - Joerg Singer
UiA students in Leipzig at the ECAL, 2019. ©ECAL 2019 - Joerg Singer

The Bachelor Programme in Music Performance is designed to enable students to accomplish their musical potential and to prepare them for a future career through a variety of learning modules.

The Instrumental lectures consist of one-to-one tuition, workshops, masterclasses, chamber music and orchestral- and opera projects. The students get unlimited opportunities to perform in concerts, and to take part in projects with our professional partners in the Southern Norwegian region.

As a bachelor student at the UiA Classical Music Department, you will be challenged, motivated, inspired and prepared for a career in music.  You will meet high-profiled performers strongly motivated to help you to develop as a musician!


Photo: Norwegian Flute Ensemble (one of the departments student ensembles)

Photo: Norwegian Flute Ensemble (one of the departments student ensembles)

One of our lecturers is Cordula Hacke, Professor of Chamber Music.  Apart from her regular teaching, she also arranges workshops, concerts and projects for the students on an international level.  She says:

"It is very important to have an international community of students at UiA’s Department of Classical Music and Music Education. This contributes immensely to the learning environment and broadens every student’s view of the world.  Their openness, motivation and curiosity will be even more enhanced when other nationalities will bring new learning cultures and work ethics"

Cordula Hacke together with students and flutist Lars Asbjoernsen

Cordula Hacke together with students and flutist Lars Asbjoernsen

Head of Music Performance Programs, Professor Jørn Schau, says:

"Opening the Bachelor-programme for International students is a milestone. Within the fields of Classical music, human resources and artistic impulses have travelled across boarders for centuries and the International perspectives have always been important. We have, as most Norwegian universities, taken part in the International exchange systems since the beginning, and I am convinced that an English bachelor will be a major step to further strengthen the International strategy. I am very happy to be a Faculty member of the first Norwegian music education that welcomes International students to its entire cycle of Instrumental study-programmes"


One-to-one lectures are a big part of the programme.

One-to-one lectures are a big part of the programme.

The University of Agder has  a lot to offer to international students:

  • Students will co-operate with Kilden Theatre and Concert Hall, which houses one of the largest symphony orchestras in Norway. They will participate in concerts and projects which will provide important work experience.
  • International students have guaranteed accommodation if the application is submitted before the deadline.
  • No study fees:  there are no tuition fees for higher education in Norway.

Non EU- students must pay a student deposit, which will be refunded after enrolment and their first semester registration. The students must be able to finance their own housing and living expenses.

  • Great and modern infrastructure at UiA and in Norway.
  • Norway is a highly developed country with ambitious plans for sustainability, community, development.
  • International students will be welcomed at the University with their own «Buddy» who will guide them around the university, answer questions and introduce them to new people. This will also be followed up by a welcome dinner and other activities.
©ECAL 2019 - Joerg Singer

©ECAL 2019 - Joerg Singer

Read more about the study programme here and apply before 1. December.