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New classical singing teachers help students to elevate their career

The new voice teachers Benedikte Sofie Ribe and Carlo Allemano will improve the education for the classical singers at UiA.


Photo of Benedikte S. Ribe
Benedikte Sofie Ribe is one of two new voice teachers at the Department of Classical Music and Music Education.

– I am very pleased to announce that two new, outstanding pedagogues have joined the team. They have different records and experience and both are passionate about providing a top-quality educational offer to our classical singing students, says Birte Myhrstad, Head of Department at UiA’s  Department of Classical Music and Music Education.

Impressive trio

Ribe is employed as a university lecturer and singing teacher at the department. Allemano is employed as a professor. The two are joined by Professor II Nils Harald Sødal in the team of voice teachers. Myhrstad believes that the trio complement each other in an excellent way:

– Their collective experience and competency will give the singing students a broad and comprehensive singing offer. The team will work together to provide the best possible teaching tailored to each individual student, and the communication aspect will be strongly emphasized, she says.

An international capacity

Italian-born Carlo Allemano (tenor) has had, and continues to have, a long international career as a leading opera and concert singer. He has sung with most major orchestras, conductors and famous opera singers in opera houses all over the world.

– His long experience and popularity make him a sought-after professor, with extensive teaching experience from higher level, says Myhrstad.

Carlo Allemano

Carlo Allemano

Talent and versatility

Benedikte Sofie Ribe has distinguished herself as a singer with a wide range of experience in the field of singing. From opera, via musical theater and concerts, she has shown her talent through singing, acting and versatility.

– Benedikte has teaching experience from both bachelor's and master's level in the last two years, and the feedback on Benedikte as a teacher is the very best, says Myhrstad.