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Farewell-dinner with our international students

-The people here at UiA are amazing, and so is the fact that we have access to great facilities such as studios and practice rooms. The students don't know how lucky they are! 

This article is more than one years old, and may contain outdated information.

It's time to head back home for many of our international students.

It seems like yesterday we welcomed our international students at the Faculty of fine arts. The semester has flown by, and seeing their happy faces around campus, we think and hope they have enjoyed their stay!


What has been the best part of your stay at UiA?

-The people, definitely! Everyone is so nice here, both students and teachers. It's easy to get to know people, and everyone loves practising and playing music. We get inspiration from each other, says Carl from USA, Bless from Thailand and Pun from Thailand.

-The facilities are also fantastic, and the fact that you have access to studios is great. The students don't know how lucky they are, says Carl Christensen, who is originally from Oregon, Washington. He will soon return to his home country, after celebrating Christmas here in Kristiansand with his parents. -I have also enjoyed trying out new classes that I wasn't originally signed up for, and have learned so much from it, he says.

In August, we welcomed these international students at the Faculty of fine arts.

The biggest differences

-I think the biggest difference from Thailand is that it's more quiet, in Thailand there are always many peeople around you, says Bless. Pun agrees. -In Thailand, even Sundays are busy. Here, you can be alone if you want to. -The nature here is also so beautiful, Carl says.

The students have also participated in the project "Students without filter" where they share moments from their daily life in social media. During the fall, they have also been featured in short videos:

We have also taken them out to try traditional Norwegian food:

We have really enjoyed having them here at UiA, and wish these students a safe trip back home!