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Celebrating Beethoven's 250th anniversary

Is UiA also involved in any activities in connection with the Beethoven anniversary this year?
Yes, 2020 will be a year marked by Beethoven's music all over the world, says Birte Myhrstad, head of the Department of Classical Music and Music Education.

Ludwig van Beethoven-portrait

An agreement has already been signed between the Faculty of Fine Arts and the Kilden Concert Hall in Kristiansand, which means that the two institutions will collaborate.  This means that students at UiA will be actively involved in concerts at Kilden.

The Beethoven Festival will be ongoing through the whole year 2020, but it will be most visible in Kristiansand from November 6 to 21, 2020. Then UiA’s students will be involved in a large-scale project at Kilden, with Beethoven symphonies, chamber music, lectures, masterclasses and much more. The UiA choir and the Sonus line association will also be included in the collaboration. The same goes for the “Saturday University” at UiA.

The agreement with Kilden also means that the students will have the fantastic opportunity to work with Nathalie Stutzmann, chief conductor of the Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra.

Kilden Concert Hall

From Kilden Concert Hall

Pianist Cordula Hacke (professor II at UiA) will be the artistic director for the Chamber Music concerts at Kilden.  These will involve students, KSO musicians and musicians from other organisations in Kristiansand.  Amateurs are also welcome.

Furthermore, conductor and composer Rolf Gupta (professor II at UiA), Terje Mathisen (pianist and associate professor at UiA) and Anne Camilla Furre Thommesen (Prosjektleder | Orkesterkoordinator) are part of the creative team. 

This collaboration strengthens our musical activities in the Agder area, involving ALL of Kristiansand’s musical community!  Especially in these difficult times, it is so important to combine our efforts!

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