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Department of Visual Arts and Drama

Head of Department Merete Elnan

(+47) 38 14 14 81

The department comprises two academic environments which offers study programmes in Drama/Theatre and Arts and Crafts. The department also offers an interdisciplinary master’s programme in fine arts.


The academic environment in drama and theatre educates tomorrow's culture school teachers, amateur theatre managers and theatre educators, and provides expertise in a number of other modes, academic and educational projects in the field of performing arts. The Department of Visual Arts and Drama offers the country's only teacher education programme and one-year programme in this field. Theater by, for and with a young audience is central in the studies. 

Arts and Crafts

Arts and Crafts academics empower future purveyors and fine arts teachers with practical, creative skills. Students work with a variety of forms and expressions, materials and techniques in different workshops and in a variety of venues. The Arts and crafts environment offers a bachelor's programme and a one-year programme. Own creative work as well as the dissemination of art expression and guidance of children and young people are central in the study programmes. 


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