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Norwegian Flute Ensemble to perform in Orlando

The Norwegian Flute Ensemble has been invited to perform at the NFA convention in Orlando this Summer.

The Norwegian Flute Ensemble are proud to announce a very exciting piece of news: on behalf of Edition Svitzer in Copenhagen, they have been invited to perform the world premiere of prof. Juliette Dominski’s brand new arrangement of Stravinsky’s music for the ballet Petrouschka. The occasion is the American National Flute Association’s annual convention, which takes place in Orlando this year. At the same concert, they will also be performing several dances from Carl Nielsens Aladdin Suite, also arranged by prof. Dominski. In addition, they will be having a separate concert, in which they will present an entire programme of Norwegian music, including Trygve Madsen's Suite for Flute Ensemble and Terje Mathisen's (University of Agder, Department of Classical Music and Music Education) From Norway, both written specially for us, as well as arrangements of music by Edvard Grieg and Ole Bull.

Being the Norwegian Flute Ensemble's first appearance outside Europe, this tour is a great milestone in their history and an excellent opportunity for them to mark their 10th anniversary. They are also proud to present Norwegian works, both dedications and classical pieces, to a whole new audience.

(Adopted from the original announcement previously published at their website)

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