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Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) - UiA and future open labs

Faculty of Technology and Science Grimstad arranges the time's largest mandatory HSE course from 03. September to 04. September for 600 new students.

Throughout the course, Senior Engineer Rita Sølvi Ditlefsen and HSE Advisor Helge Wehus, will guide the students through theory and practice in facilitated laboratories.

This article is more than two years old, and may contain outdated information.

Rita Sølvi Ditlefsen and Anette Heimdal
From left to right: Senior Engineer Rita Søvi Ditlefsen and Senior Engineer Anette Heimdal. Photo: Anette Hauso

The course will consist of lectures in laboratory behavior, protective equipment, machinery, equipment and chemicals. The students will be given a guided tour of the laboratory and explanation of the rules that apply.

Students are followed to different stations where they conduct fire-training, general first aid and use of cardiac arrest machine.

Brannøvelse, foto

Firedrill for students. To the right: Senior Engineer Margarita Milan. Photo: Anette Hauso.

It will also be a lecture with the thematic bullying and harassment.

Open laboratories increase the freedom to work on projects outside ordinary opening hours. To offer open laboratories, without compromising the safety of themselves and others, the compulsory HSE course is carried out as a basis for further courses.

Once the compulsory course is completed, there will be arranged further courses for each field of study within construction, renewable energy, multimedia, mechatronics, electronics and data-technology. Upon completion of the compulsory first two courses, students will be given access to the use of laboratory and equipment using a student card or key.

Working Environment Act

Helge Wehus, foto

HSE-Advisor and Project Manager, Helge Wehus.

Students who perform work at institutions as part of practical training under conditions that endanger themselves and others are regarded as workers in accordance with the Working Environment Act. UiA must therefore ensure that the students have sufficient training to increase their safety by using laboratories.

UiA will be a role model for HSE. In Norway's construction industry, more than 100 accidents are recorded every year, where people are seriously injured. By focusing attention on improvements and innovation in the HSE field, UiA will contribute strongly to the construction industry's "O vision" for serious occupational accidents.

“Attitudes to HSE are a part of the education, and the experience from work in laboratories and HSE will be useful in jobs such as engineer, but also in future project responsibility and management positions in different working environments”, says Project Manager Helge Wehus.

Bulling and harassment

This year's HSE exercise wants to focus on preventing bullying and harassment among new students. This HSE exercise will be an important contribution to making the students aware that there are some rules that apply. The connection between well-being, security and learning is important for the learning process and the benefit of the studies. Where bullying and harassment occurs, there are more dropouts from the studies.

Ingrid Lund, foto

Professor Ingrid Lund. Foto: Anette Hauso.

Ingrid Lund, Professor of Educational Development Center UiA, says that this year's HSE exercise is an important contribution to the prevention of bullying and harassment.

“This year's theme in bullying and harassment will be an important contribution to prevention. It is important to clarify what is expected of the students, but also what is expected of teachers. Students are adults and must of course also take responsibility for an inclusive learning environment, but they are also different. Some people need to be invited to join the community, both by fellow students and employees. It's about everything from insecurity to many bad experiences in similar situations”, says Ingrid Lund.