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AMC2020 – IEEE International Workshop on Advanced Motion Control

The IEEE International Workshop on Advanced Motion Control (AMC2020) took place fully digitally on September 14-16 after been postponed from April 20-22 due to COVID-19. 

This article is more than two years old, and may contain outdated information.

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“Initially it was organized and prepared to be an in-person life event at the University of Agder in Kristiansand. Due to the corona situation evolvement this summertime we realized that we had to transfer it to a fully digital online format”, Professor Michael Ruderman, General Co-Chair of AMC2020 says. 

Michael Ruderman er professor ved Institutt for ingeniørvitskap på UiA og General Co-Chair av AMC2020.

Professor Michael Ruderman is the General Co-Chair of AMC2020. 

Organized for the 16th time

AMC2020 is 16th in a series of biennial international workshops on Advanced Motion Control, started in 1990 in Yokohama, Japan, and since there uniting an always young and enthusiastic research community grown around the omnipresent motion control technologies and applications. Being one of the standard IEEE conferences, AMC is among the majority sponsored conferences of the Industrial Electronics Society (IES) of IEEE with the main idea to promote, point up, and bring forward the theoretical and application related developments in control of the motion systems and associated technologies. To the established scope of AMC belong such technical topics as:

  • Advanced motion control in mechatronics
  • Compliant and flexible robotics
  • Intelligent and adaptive motion control systems
  • Haptics and robotics in medical applications
  • Hybrid and discrete motion control systems
  • Actuators and sensors in motion control
  • Motion control systems with human-in-the-loop
  • Visual servo systems in motion control
  • Micro- and nano-mechatronic systems and control
  • Related topics involving motion dynamics and control 
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Participants from countries worldwide

The fully digital online AMC2020 united and hosted 75 registered participants from the total of 17 countries worldwide. About 48 % of the authors who submitted the papers to AMC2020 have been from Japan, where the AMC traditions and origin root and where the previous AMC2018 took place. All AMC2020 submissions went through a rigorous review process organized by the Technical Program Committee and the resulted acceptance rate was 81 %. In addition to multiple regular tracks and organized special sessions, the AMC2020 hosted 4 invited speakers who provided 3 plenary talks and 1 frontier lecture in scope of the advanced motion control. 

The 3-day Program of the fully digital online AMC2020 was accompanied by several events, ceremonies, and virtual tours, also with online participation of guests, moderation and performances. The virtual rooms (arranged in Zoom) of the AMC2020 provided an interactive digital podium, and all recorded workshop sessions are online available for public https://ewh.ieee.org/conf/amc/2020/programT.html

“I think AMC, with its exciting and recognized history, has bright and sustainable future among the control related conferences. And our goal is to continue bringing together the researchers from both academia and industry and to maintain highest scientific level of the AMC series, with enriching meetings and discussions and interesting and memorable events and experiences”, Ruderman says.